Aotea Boardriders Clubhouse Takes Shape Amid Community Effort

Surf enthusiasts have a reason to celebrate as the Aotea Boardriders Club sees its clubhouse begin to take shape. The initial stages of construction were launched with community spirit and volunteer effort, despite challenging weather conditions on Saturday.

“Despite the pouring rain, a volunteer team assembled to fell two macrocarpa trees, remove the stumps, and truck them off site,” shared club representative Eve Bellerby.

The effort was supported by Joel from Aotea Contractors who provided the necessary heavy equipment. Aotea Arb also contributed significantly with arboreal gear, enhancing the day’s success. “Massive thanks to Sid and Benny as arboricultural crew, Evander on the digger, and Manuka on cleanup,” she added.

The project’s momentum continued through the week.

“Manuka was busy attending pre-start meetings with Cushla, Bow on build, Roger on earthworks, and Steve on survey,” the update continued.

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Foundations were meticulously laid, with the first holes drilled and inspected mid-week, and by Thursday, filled with concrete and set with foundation posts by a dedicated team mostly composed of volunteers from RG Contracting, Harrison Grierson, and Sustainable Aotea.

“We can’t fathom how we would have managed to fund this little club room project without the generous assistance, time, and expertise of our local contractors who support ABC activities,” she added.

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As the build progresses, paid contractors will take over much of the construction work, but the foundation owes much to the initial volunteer efforts. The club has scheduled a meeting to discuss the next phases of the project and celebrate the progress made so far.

All members and supporters are invited to the ABC hui at the Tryphena Club on Wednesday, 8th May 2024, at 5:00 PM.

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“Come along as support, or to see if you can help out in some way. Come along to celebrate ABC laying foundations on a small triangle of earth on our beautiful island home,” Bellerby added.

For those unable to attend but wishing to contribute, the club welcomes any assistance offers. Email


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