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Aotea FM

Whether you're a local or tuning in from afar, Aotea FM offers a unique blend of island vibes and community spirit. Hit the button below to let the solar-powered sounds of Aotea FM be the soundtrack to your day.

Broadcasting daily from 7am to 9pm on 94.6, 104, and 107 FM

Welcome to the Aotea FM page on, your link to Great Barrier Island's unique, solar-powered community radio, run by the Aotea Community Radio Trust. Broadcasting daily from 7am to 9pm on 94.6, 104, and 107 FM, Aotea FM is the voice of our island, reaching every corner of our community and the surrounding waters.

This station, fueled entirely by solar power, is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and innovation. It's manned by a dedicated group of volunteers who bring a mix of music, news, and vital updates to our listeners, spanning a diverse rural community of some 1200 people spread over 300 sq km.

Aotea FM not only serves our local residents but also connects with an international audience, including regular listeners from places like Ibiza and the UK. It's more than a radio station; it's a community hub for sharing events, news, and information on civil defence/ emergency developments.

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