Surrounded by loved ones, Mitch Brown and his father Mike embrace whānau at the Berlin Special Olympics. Photo / Supplied

Mitch Brown Secures Gold Medal Triumph at Special Olympics

Surrounded by loved ones, Mitch Brown and his father Mike embrace whānau at the Berlin Special Olympics. Photo / Supplied

BERLIN — In a stunning display of skill and determination, golfer Mitch Brown has emerged victorious at this year’s Special Olympics held in Berlin. 

True to his word, Brown fulfilled a promise made to himself and his dad as he clinched the highly coveted gold.

Entering the final round with an impressive 12-shot lead over his competitors, Brown faced a formidable challenge from Denmark’s Frederik Brokfelt-Christiansen.

Barrier golfer Mitch Brown raised triumphantly by his sister Aimee and her partner Kyron at the prestigious Bad Saarow golf course in Berlin. Photo / Supplied

“It was really tough out there today, and I got a bit nervous because Fred was catching up to me. But I managed to stay in the game and keep my cool.” Brown told One News.

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Brown secured his position atop the podium in a thrilling finale, triumphing over his rivals by an impressive four-stroke margin. 

Australian golfer Kane Leonard secured the third-place spot, trailing behind the remarkable duo.


The significance of this triumph was not lost on Brown’s father, Mike, expressing immense pride in his accomplishment. 

“A few years ago, when I told Mitch about Special Olympics and the World Summer Games in Berlin in 2023, he said, ‘I’m going to go there and win gold,'” reminisced Brown senior. 

The realization of the long-cherished dream left the whānau elated. 

“My goal was to bring back gold, and now I have done it,” Brown said. 

“I’m very proud and I feel really excited.”

Brown attributed his success to the support he received on and off the course, particularly from his family. 

His dad served as his caddie throughout the four rounds. 

“Having so much family here was great,” Brown said. 

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The victory marks New Zealand’s second gold medal at this year’s Summer Games, following bocce player Aaron Campbell’s triumph earlier in the week. 

The nation also secured bronze in the equestrian with Chelsea Thorn securing an impressive third place in English Equitation. 

The event required riders to compete with unfamiliar horses, something Thorn nailed.

“You can’t bring your own horses here, so you can only ride for about 45 minutes, which doesn’t give you much time, but enough time to get used to the horse for the competition.” Thorn told RNZ.

“Today was a huge improvement, so now that we’ve had a bit more time on our horses, tomorrow’s working train should go even better.” she added.

Talented equestrian Samantha Shepherd also contributed to New Zealand’s impressive performance, landing fourth in her division.


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