A unique series of events titled "Everybody is a Treasure" is Spearheaded by Mandi Lynn, a seasoned compassionate communication teacher and somatic trauma therapist. Photo / Supplied

‘Everybody is a Treasure’ Series Arrives at Aotea Arts Village

A unique series of events titled “Everybody is a Treasure” is set to grace the shores of our beautiful island, promising a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and community for Great Barrier’s residents. Spearheaded by Mandi Lynn, a seasoned compassionate communication teacher and somatic trauma therapist, this series is an invitation to explore, heal, and celebrate our relationships with ourselves and our loved ones.

Parents’ Path to Peace and Skills

The first two classes, designed specifically for parents, offer a much-needed retreat from the daily grind. Mandi Lynn, leveraging her extensive experience as a nurse, youth worker, and mother, will guide participants through various exercises and discussions. The focus is on developing immediate, practical skills for everyday life, including:

  • Effective Communication with Children: Learn how to talk to your kids so that both of you feel heard and understood.
  • Empathy in Conversation: Identify and steer clear of 12 common empathy-killers in discussions.
  • Non-Violent Communication: An introduction to compassionate communication techniques.
  • Managing Reactivity: Strategies to stay calm and constructive when facing challenging situations.
  • Reparenting Techniques: Learn to heal your own traumas to avoid passing them on to your children.
  • Understanding Tweens and Teens: Insights into the adolescent brain using Polyvagal Theory.
  • Self-Compassion Skills: Learn to treat yourself with the kindness you deserve.

Finding Venus: Empowerment for Wahine

The third event, “Finding Venus,” is an invitation to the island’s bravest wahine. Whether you feel ready or not, this workshop, set for Saturday, 24th February at the Aotea Arts Village, could be a pivotal moment in your journey. Here, you’ll delve into the true purpose of our bodies – as creators and bearers of life, art, and love. Through art and movement, participants will engage in a transformative experience, redefining their relationship with their bodies and embracing health at every size.

The Luscious Order of Golden Shieldmaidens

This project, born from a heart-wrenching conversation with a 5-year-old about body image, has blossomed into a beautiful and powerful movement. Mandi Lynn, through photography and film, has collaborated with women across New Zealand to challenge societal norms and celebrate the female form in its most authentic state. Participants are invited to join this movement, becoming part of an exhibition that acts as a testament to self-love and defiance against a culture of body shaming.

Join the Movement

These workshops, made possible thanks to COGS Great Barrier Island, are not just classes; they are a call to adventure, an invitation to break free from the cultural narratives that bind us.

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Date and Time: 

Session 1 – Saturday, 24th February – 10 AM to 4 PM


Session 2 & PhotoShoot – Sunday, 25th February – 10 AM to 4 PM

Venue: Aotea Arts Village

Facilitator: Mandi Lynn, a multifaceted expert combining her skills as a therapist, artist, and speaker to guide this journey.

So, bring a friend, or come ready to make new ones. This series promises to be a milestone event for our community, forging bonds and nurturing a new understanding of ourselves and each other.


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