Auckland Council Water Station

Freshwater Drinking Stations in Move to Ditch Plastic Bottles

Auckland Council and the Local Board has introduced three new freshwater drinking stations across Great Barrier Island in a bid to reduce plastic bottle usage and waste. The stations, located at Claris Airport, near The Currach Irish Pub, and beside the Claris Store, offer residents and visitors the opportunity to refill their water bottles with filtered water.

The environmentally-conscious move was made possible through the support of AoteaOra Trust, Auckland Council’s Waste Minimisation and Innovation Fund, and Anamata, signaling a community-driven push towards sustainable living practices.

Accessible via a newly launched Water Station Location Map, these refill points are part of a broader strategy to guide the island towards a zero-waste goal. The map, along with a QR code directing to it, has been incorporated into the visitor guide to assist tourists and locals in locating the refill stations.

The facilities are designed for hands-free operation to maintain hygiene, and signage encourages users to use the stations responsibly. The guidelines urge against filling large containers to ensure a continuous water supply, using the water solely for drinking purposes, keeping the stations clean, and properly disposing of rubbish.The Water Station Location Map is now available, online at


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