Oruawharo Medlands Ecovision (OME) has unveiled a new eco-hub in Medlands.

OME Launches Eco-Hub in Medlands

In a display of community initiative and environmental stewardship, Oruawharo Medlands Ecovision (OME) has unveiled a new eco-hub in Medlands. The new build was made possible through $14,000 in grants from the local board, marking a new chapter in the organisation’s efforts to preserve and enhance the local environment.

Founded in 2018, OME has had a focus on plantings and pest control. The creation of the eco-hub represents a leap forward in their mission, providing a centralised location for information, volunteer coordination, and educational resources.

Aotea / Great Barrier Local Board chair Izzy Fordham highlighted the role of community groups in environmental conservation. “Due to our small island population, community groups play an essential role in nurturing our environment,” Fordham stated.

Raoul Stuart, chairperson of OME, expressed excitement about the new facility located on Oruawharo Lane. “It’s an information centre and a place for gatherings. We have a library resource with plant and bird ID books,” Stuart explained. He emphasized the hub’s role in supporting the group’s expansion and its importance for the workforce involved in predator control and environmental restoration.

OME has projects in predator trapping and wetland restoration, including the installation of 180 traps and the removal of over 6,500 predators from critical habitats.

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The group is aiming to expand predator control across the ridgeline from Medlands to Windy Hill with initial tracks already being cut and local properties joining the effort.

The group is predominantly powered by volunteers, who participate in weekly working bees and have been instrumental in the success of weekend planting bees, attracting new volunteers.


The eco-hub, situated near Medlands Community Garden, invites locals and visitors alike to explore the latest environmental accomplishments and learn more about the group’s activities.

For those interested in contributing to the local environment or starting a community project, information on the local board grant criteria and application processes is available here, with the current funding round open until 8 March 2024.


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