A new map from Auckland Council reveals the flood risk to Aotea, and the region's properties.

Council Map Reveals Flood Risk Properties Across Aotea

Auckland Council has released a mapping app, offering insights into flood risks. The tool, known as FloodViewer, provides residents with comprehensive data on flood-prone zones, coastal inundation areas, and overland flow paths.

The initiative is part of the council’s efforts to enhance resilience in the face of extreme weather events like last year’s Cyclone Gabrielle. With climate change contributing to more frequent and intense storms, understanding flood risks has become increasingly important for residents, it says.

One area of concern highlighted by FloodViewer is Medlands and specifically Sandhills Rd, where approximately 35 homes face the risk of inundation during freak flood events. Particularly vulnerable are the rear sections of properties, situated furthest from the beach.

Conversely, properties on Ocean View Rd in Kaitoke, closest to the ocean, are designated as flood-prone areas. These low-lying regions are susceptible to water accumulation, especially during heavy rainfall when stormwater outlets may become blocked or reach capacity.

FloodViewer also identifies flood plains in various parts of the island, including Claris, Okiwi, and Awana. Even the airport building in Claris falls within a designated flood plain, underscoring the widespread nature of flood risks, although the runway itself is spared.

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Council says the region should brace itself for further uncertainties of the current El Niño weather pattern and utilize FloodViewer to assess their flood risk and take proactive measures to safeguard their homes and whānau.

“We see people using our Flood Viewer not just to understand their home’s flood risk, but also to make informed decisions when looking at somewhere new to buy or rent.” says Auckland Council’s Healthy Waters Head of Planning, Nick Vigar 

Pa Beach Cafe, 82 Blackwell Drive, Tryphena, Great Barrier Island (Aotea)

The tool provides access to videos, guides, and practical advice on flood preparedness.

“Auckland Council has made increasing community resilience to floods a priority, and part of this is giving people the tools to make smart decisions to prepare themselves and their homes.” Vigar added.

Pa Beach Cafe, 82 Blackwell Drive, Tryphena, Great Barrier Island (Aotea)

Resources include how to make an emergency plan, preparing your home for the possibility of flooding, how to stay safe during a flood, and the actions you can take to protect your home or business from flooding. It also explains your responsibilities if you have a stream or creek on or near your property.

Explore the flood map and discover essential tips for flood preparedness here.


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