The Wharf at Tryphena

Coarse Correction: SeaLink to Resume Tryphena Sailings

SeaLink has announced a return to regular ferry services to Tryphena Wharf from March 29, following a brief halt over safety concerns. This decision reverses the company’s previous move to divert sailings, based on a “risk of collapse” warning, which starkly contrasted with Auckland Transport’s (AT) assessment of the wharf being safe.

“From Friday the 29th of March, we will revert back to our regular sailings to Tryphena Wharf,” SeaLink stated, saying they received “additional information from Auckland Transport which has given us the assurance we needed to recommence our sailings to Tryphena Wharf.”

The suspension risked disrupting freight shipments, prompting plans to transport goods by truck from Whangaparapara and Port Fitzroy, an hour north, back to Tryphena, the island’s main hub. Amid uncertainty, some residents cancelled food shipments from Countdown, concerned about the fate of refrigerated goods.

SeaLink had initially indicated that the diversions could last indefinitely while efforts were made to shore up Tryphena Wharf. The changes also meant major rerouting for visitors planning to travel to the island for Easter Weekend.

“We apologise for the confusion and disruption this has caused, but hope you understand our need to ensure the safety of our people, businesses, and your community,” said SeaLink, while acknowledging the importance of the service to the Aotea community.

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Despite the resumption, SeaLink noted that maintenance work on Tryphena Wharf will proceed, “provision has been made for SeaLink to continue to use Tryphena while this is happening,” they said.


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