A vibrant canvas from 'The Simple Life at Pah Beach' workshop. Photo / Helen McLorinan

Brush with Nature: Helen McLorinan Painting Workshops to Unleash Your Inner Artist

The tranquil surroundings of the barrier will serve as both the muse and the classroom for a series of unique painting workshops offered by artist Helen McLorinan in May. Held at the Arts & History village in Claris the sessions aim to draw out the artist in every participant, from beginners to those with more experience.

From capturing the serene ‘Tryphena Summer’ in vibrant hues to embodying the rugged ‘Leathery Landscapes of Medlands,’ each workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore Great Barrier Island’s stunning vistas through art.

Embrace the challenge with ‘The Simple Life at Pah Beach’ or delve into the lush ‘Living Force Forests.’ Whether you’re drawn to the ‘Aerial Awana’ perspectives or prefer the sweeping drama of the ‘Big Sky on Your Horizon,’ there’s a workshop tailored to every artist’s palette.

The workshops, each priced at $70, or a discounted rate of $55 for booking three or more sessions, not only offer guidance under Helen’s expert eye but also include all necessary materials — canvases, paints, and tools are provided.

The workshops are scheduled as follows, offering a broad range of experiences:

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  • May 10th: Capture the essence of sunset in ‘Tryphena Summer’.
  • May 11th: Experiment with textures in ‘Leathery Landscapes of Medlands’.
  • May 17th: Dive into forest hues with ‘Living Force Forests’.
  • May 18th: Take a bird’s-eye view in ‘Aerial Awana’.
  • May 24th: Focus on simplicity and color with ‘The Simple Life at Pah Beach’.
  • May 25th: Paint expressive skies in ‘Big Sky on Your Horizon’.
  • May 31st: Embrace the dappled light of ‘Forest Flow’.

Several workshops are nearing full capacity, but due to a recent cancellation, McLorinan says there are now spots in all sessions available.

Aspiring attendees should contact Helen directly at artyhelenknaggs@gmail.com or by phone at 0277405549, to reserve their space. Payment via the Arts & History Village is required to confirm the booking. The initiative is supported by the Local Board and the GBI Community Art Gallery.


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