Economic Waves: The Triple Tax Surge Set to Hit Great Barrier Island's Shores. Photo / Tātaki Auckland Unlimited

Steering Group Kicks Off Amid Tensions Over Tourism Tapering Plan

Photo / Mark Russell

The new steering committee for Aotea, Great Barrier Island’s Destination Management Plan (DMP) convened Wednesday, initiating a dialogue on the future of tourism on the island.

The group, comprising airline representatives, tour operators, small businesses, and accommodation providers tackled the task of volunteering members for the committee and strategizing on how best to market the island to visitors.

The DMP has stirred controversy, primarily due to its recommendation to cap tourism growth.

The plan, developed by an Australian firm, raised concerns among some who fear it may hinder economic recovery following COVID-19 and caulerpa-related downturns in tourism.

Waves, Woods, and Wonders: Discover Aotea, Great Barrier Island

Wednesday’s discussion on marketing highlighted the island’s pristine natural environment and commitment to sustainable tourism practices.

Chris Ollivier, the temporary chair of the meeting, expressed optimism about the path forward. “The meeting went well and the vibe was positive,” he told

Waves, Woods, and Wonders: Discover Aotea, Great Barrier Island

Ollivier has been selected as the local board member for the steering group.

Karen Thompson-Smith from Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, representatives from Sealink, Island Aviation, Island Gin, Aotea Lodge and Shuttles, and Barrier Air all stepped forward to join the committee.

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Those in the community with inquiries or who wish to contribute to the discussion should contact Chris Ollivier on email or via phone at 027 225 4302.


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