Tryphena Wharf stands silent, awaiting urgent repairs amidst collapse concerns.

Temporary Closure of Tryphena Wharf

Auckland Transport has announced that Tryphena Wharf will be closed to the public from today, to the end of June 2024 for maintenance.

The closure follows a disruption in late March when ferry sailings were cancelled after SeaLink reported the wharf was “at risk of collapse.”

Auckland Transport contested those claims and provided assurances which led to the resumption of ferry operations.

“Tryphena Wharf is an important connection to Aotea Great Barrier Island. This work will ensure that the wharf remains fit-for-purpose for all users and extends the life of a key community asset.” AT said in a statement, Friday.

During the closure, SeaLink and the Coastguard will have access to the wharf. The planned upgrades include replacing old timber fender piles with steel cased ones, swapping timber bracing for galvanized steel, and installing new hardwood decking. Additional enhancements involve the repair of walers, awnings, and handrails.

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The upgrade of Tryphena Wharf forms part of a comprehensive island-wide wharf renewal programme which Auckland Transport expects to complete within seven months. The programme includes maintenance and enhancements at Okupu and Whangaparapara Wharves.

At Okupu Wharf, renovations are advancing well despite some interruptions due to weather and an expanded scope of work. The current phase involves the replacement of fender piles, an existing ladder, bollards, and a waler, with the final fender piles set to be installed in the coming weeks.

Waves, Woods, and Wonders: Discover Aotea, Great Barrier Island

Whangaparapara Wharf is scheduled for less extensive upgrades, which are expected to be brief, requiring only about four days to complete. The work there includes replacing treads on the staircase and installing a new steel edge on the boat ramp.

AT says the project may face downtime due to adverse winter weather and challenging sea conditions, which could extend the overall schedule and increase costs, but that they will keep the community updated on any overruns.

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